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It's been awhile.

2010-06-05 16:48:02 by CardboardBox

Wow, I've been away from newgrounds for about a year :o.

If you visit my profile

2009-07-23 18:27:21 by CardboardBox

Comment! >:(

I couldn't resist - Click this link if you dare.

New Song

2009-07-12 00:32:12 by CardboardBox

It's not that great, I'm still learning to make them. But it's done. Enjoy! Or hate...:(

If you drop by my profile

2009-07-07 00:37:30 by CardboardBox

Tell me how you got here! >:( Plz >:/


2009-06-15 19:32:18 by CardboardBox


I'm so bored

2009-03-18 00:50:19 by CardboardBox

I'm just typing random stuff because I'm bored. There's a lot you can do when your bored. I took a huge vacation to the backyard last night. I saw a tree, and heard a twig snap. I wonder how many bugs are in the forest. I think I saw a hippie in that tree but it was probably just a rock. NO ZOMBIE IS SAFE FROM CHICAGO TED! If any of you know what that means then you deserve an E-Cookie.

New header

2009-01-22 19:18:01 by CardboardBox

New header! Finally finished it...

Not much to say...

2009-01-11 21:30:07 by CardboardBox

Please enjoy this pivot i made cause i was bored..its not animated very well, i'm not that great at it..and it was the only one under 150 kb.Its just an animation its not the X-Games.

Not much to say...


2008-12-18 16:48:15 by CardboardBox

Here are some very random and funny things.Some make no since at all.Some of them tell the future, get ready for these days. Some are funny if you understand them, like numbers 8 and 10.

1. Every two minutes a child dies of a microwave related attack.

2. Don't throw that Llama over the freeway!

3. In the year of 2567 the world will end because it will rain cheese. The only way to escape is to eat your way out, which causes major constipation, resulting in human extinction.

4. Our president in 2094 will die from tripping on a daisy.

5.In the year of 2250 a cat will become president, but will be impeached for scratching the furniture the next day.

6.In the year 2057 toasters will cause a World War 4, don't ask about world war 3, its contents are unknown.

7. Staples will become an alternative energy source in 2078.

8.By the year 2081 there will be a total of 64 Mario parties.

9.By the year 2251 there will be a new holiday called Chiearez, to recognize our first male cat president named, Chiearez.

10.By the year of 2345, Russia will own all of Europe, Asia and Africa.

11.In the year 2127 lawn gnomes will destroy all of Europe and most of Asia.

12. Reeces Pieces are deadly.

Im still thinking of more!

Enjoy the random picture of the week!


Awesome picture...

2008-12-02 21:34:42 by CardboardBox

Awesome picture!!!

Imagine it here...